What is an email distribution list?

An email distribution list is an email address that accepts message(s) and then distributes the email to one or more people (up to thousands of people).

What will the email address look like?

You will be assigned an address that looks something likeyourdistributionlist@list.wustl.edu

First, check to see if the list exists:

Go to this website http://list.wustl.edu/mailman/listinfo and verify the list does not already exist.

What information is needed to setup an email distribution list?

We will need the following information filled out. We need this information for EACH list you want to create. If steps 2-5 are the same for all lists please state so.
  1. The name you want for the list? For example if you want a distribution list for Hitzeman residential college, you would probably want to request the name to
 be: hitzeman@list.wustl.edu If the address is already taken we will let you know.
  2. The full name of the person who will own the list.
  3. A working email address of the person that will own the list.
  4. A single line detailing what the list is for (this will appear in the list Description that is sent 
to people who sign up for the list).
  5. Do you want people to be able to post to the list that are not members? (YES/NO) What 
this means is that you have be an active member of the list in order to post any messages  to it. This will help cut down on the amount of spam messages that are allowed into the list. It will also REQUIRE anyone posting to be a member, which may not work for all lists.

How do I send email to the distribution list?

You send an email using any standard email program to the address that was created for you. For example, you would send an email
to hitzeman@list.wustl.edu This will then get sent to all the members of your list.

How do I manage the list?

Once the list is created the owner will get an email with a web site address and password. Open up a web browser and follow the directions detailed in the email

How do I add members to the list?

If you want to add a large number of new users to the list go to the following menus: Membership Management -> Mass Subscription In this box you will add all the new members, one per line.

Can I change the list settings?

Yes, see the note above about how to manage the list. You are allowed to change any settings you like. Please be careful to not break anything. If you don't understand something, don't change it.

Someone sent an email to this, and I received a message saying "## list-name moderator request(s) waiting" What does this mean?

It depends, more then likely the message will describe why the message was "moderated" (or held on the server before sending to all the list members). Follow the link in the email in order to approve the message for delivery to all the list members. If you don't want this to happen again determine why the message was "moderated" and go into the General Options or Privacy Options menu and try to adjust the settings accordingly.

How do I configure the list so that no one is able to post to it but a select few individuals?

By default the list only allows members of the list to post messages. If you want to turn this off you will need to go to the Privacy Options -> Sender Filters and set "By default, should new list member postings be moderated" to YES. Then follow the steps in "How do I add members to the list" to add new members to the list. (Note: If you want this option enabled you should do this step before you add any members). Once new members are added you will need to select a few individuals that are allowed to post to the list. To enable this access go to the menu Membership Management -> Membership List and uncheck the MOD checkbox for all members who need the ability to post to the list.

How do I get more information?

First try reading all the help links that are offered on the management site. Next try reading the documentation offered by software vendor that runs our mailing list http://www.gnu.org/software/mailman/docs.html If none of this helps you out try emailing noc@wustl.edu.